Stuart McGregor – Director

Stuart’s role is ensuring the ongoing success and profitability of The Lift Consultancy. The most important part of his job is to make sure it is a great place to work and that we maintain high standards throughout the business. Stuart’s career spans over 35 years in a mix of hand-on and managerial roles, while working in the retail, commercial and residential sectors of the lift industry. He began as an apprentice and went on to obtain an HNC and HND in Engineering. 

Stuart has great ambitions for The Lift Consultancy. He aspires to be the largest and most approachable specialist consultancy within the UK. To do this, Stuart wants to ensure that we are developing our technology, which we will use to leverage our knowledge. He is focused on making the team work seamlessly and collaboratively with our clients. Fully incorporating environmental and social governance is also high on his agenda.

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