Lift Refurbishment, Modernisation, and Replacement

Lifts like cars, get old and need replacing. But with lifts, unlike most modern cars, rather than replacing the whole lift it can be more economical and appropriate to modernise or refurbish the lift.

When do you need a Lift Modernisation?

Often enough, there are options to either modernise, refurbish or replace the equipment. With pros and cons for each such as varying life expectancy, performance levels or reliability.
Costs can be high and navigating the market can be daunting. We manage lift modernisation, lift refurbishment and lift replacement projects day-in and day-out for our clients. From concept through to handover. Ensuring our clients get competitive prices and projects delivered on time and on budget.

What are the options?

Modernising involves replacing important key lift components. These are worn or obsolete components or otherwise at the end of their life expectancy. Whilst, retaining many other components, it is not necessary to replace.

Sometimes rather than modernising the lift or replacing it another option exists which is to refurbish it or fully replace it.

Whichever is appropriate we offer a straightforward lift consultancy service that supports you all the way throughout the process.

No worries about the wool being pulled over your eyes by a shrewd lift contractor.

No concerns about making sure the contractor delivers on time and to budget.

We make sure on your behalf that the correct quality of equipment is included.

Lift Maintenance Consultants

What does a Lift Modernisation Consultant actually do?

Our lift consultancy services for lift modernisation, lift replacement or lift refurbishment are broken down into in the following phases.

Survey (and Report)

Firstly, we undertake a detailed engineering survey of the lift.

Specifications and Tenders

Initially, we write a lift specification and put together a tender package.
Then we send this out and administer the tender for you or we can work alongside you whilst you or another member of project team send out the tender.
The next stage is to evaluate tender bids and provide a tender analysis report.
Finally, we assist in final negotiation prior to an order or a contract with the lift contractor being placed.

Drawing Submittals Review and Pre-start Meeting

Through the procurement period we will monitor progress.
We will review and approve any lift contractor drawings.
An important milestone is a pre-start meeting. This is arranged by us to make sure everything is place and everyone is ready before starting on site.

Construction Related Services

We oversee, monitor and check and report progress on site.

Acceptance Inspections

Once the work is complete we run undertake acceptance inspections.
These involve checking the equipment functions as specified.
That it is installed correctly and all necessary documentation (O&M Manuals and Certificates) are in place.

A final word on these lift modernisation

Lift refurbishment or lift replacement consultancy services is that there is no obligation to commit to all the phases. I.e. we are happy to take an instruction which includes some but not all phases.

When it comes to your vertical transportation, we believe you should have peace of mind.