New Developments

From single lifts in private residencies to multiple lifts, escalators and passenger conveyors in large developments, our lift design and consultancy services can support you and your development at each stage of the project.

From single lifts in private residencies to multiple lifts, escalators, passenger conveyors, platform lifts in large developments, our lift consultancy services can support you and your development at each stage.

We work with you and follow your design process, fitting in with your design methodology and working with your team.

Typically, our services are set up to map to RIBA Plan of Work so we can plug easily into your design team with appropriate deliverables at each stage. But often enough ‘typical’ is not what is needed and bespoke input is necessary. We are happy to work either way and will discuss and agree this all up front.

We can work with you throughout the development process, or provide discrete input at one or more stages.

Lift Consultants for New Developments

Concept Design – RIBA Stage 2

-The first step is to understand the ‘flows’ in and out, throughout a building (or facility). Flows of people, materials and goods. Once we understand these we can start to design the vertical transportation. We can identify approximate volumes and locations of units.

Design Development – RIBA Stage 3/4

-Developing the design in much more detail; numbers, speeds, and sizes of lifts. Running Traffic Analysis to verify concepts. Working with the design team and providing information about the lifts to other disciplines including; spatial (architectural), electrical, structural, civil information required. Allowing the design to progress smoothly.

Specifications and Tenders -RIBA Stage 4

– We write a lift specification and assist in putting together a tender package. Technical support is offered throughout the tender process including evaluating tender bids, and assisting in final negotiation prior to an order. or a contract with the lift contractor.

Drawing Submittals Review – RIBA Stage 5

– Reviewing and approving shop drawings. Working with other members of the design team to ensure the lift works meet the design intent and specified requirements.

Construction Related Services – RIBA Stage 5

– We oversee, monitor, check and report progress on site. Assisting where necessary to resolve problems, offering input to keep things running smoothly and providing information on progress for valuations to be determined.

Acceptance Inspections – RIBA Stage 6

– Once the work is complete, we undertake acceptance inspections checking the equipment functions as specified, is installed correctly and all necessary documentation (O&M Manuals and Certificates) are in place.

Defects Liability Inspections – RIBA Stage 7

– Attend site and undertake lift inspections and provide a defects schedule.

When it comes to your vertical transportation, we believe you should have peace of mind.