Lift Surveys, lift Audits and lift Inspections

With a nationwide team of lift consultants, we can schedule and survey your equipment rapidly and comprehensively. Quickly giving you an accurate assessment of the state of the equipment and allowing you to make informed decisions with confidence.

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Lift Surveys

The most common survey we do is a Condition survey. This gives an holistic view of your assets and covers the following areas: condition and life expectancy, overall operation, reliability and performance, code compliance. Another common type is a Technical Due Diligence survey which, can be used for property acquisition/sale/re-financing or cost planning (PPM).

Lift Audits

These are a class of lift survey used to check quality of maintenance being undertaken on a lift and, whether the maintenance meets the requirements of the maintenance contract. They often have a scoring system to assess the performance of the lift contractor and, include list of maintenance defects for rectification under by the service provider.

Lift Inspections

We use the term lift inspections when there are problems with lift reliability, performance or safety. This is a very focussed survey looking at precise causes that are giving rise to problems with the lift. The report will explain in detail the issues with necessary actions to put them right and get the lift functioning correctly.

What about escalators?

We carry out the same surveys, audits and inspections on escalators too.

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Features and Benefits

Nationwide coverage, means on the one hand we will have a consultant local to you and on the other hand, means we are set up, and undertake regularly, surveys for national companies across the country. So, whether you need a survey on a single lift or a batch of lifts regionally or nationwide we can respond to your needs.

We use Digital platforms and processes to deliver our lift surveys. This means you get consistency every time, whether the survey is undertaken by a consultant in Scotland or, the South West or, anywhere in between.

We understand that there is often a need for a very fast turnaround. Particularly relevant to vendor and pre-acquisition due diligence lift surveys. We pride ourselves on achieving short timescales, being able to get someone to site within a few days and issuing the report a day or two after. With an Executive Summary of the key issues available directly when the survey is complete. This allows you to make informed decisions quickly.

We have a set of standard report templates developed over the years to best meet the needs of our clients. However, we understand that different clients may want to see different levels of detail, and focus on particular issues. We will, and do customise our survey and reporting templates to you, and what you need and, want to see in your reports.

There is not much we do not know about lifts and escalators. Our consultants have individually on average over 25 years in the industry. Our combined team of consultants has literally hundreds of years of experience and knowledge and, all of that is available to support our clients by getting to the heart of the issues, quickly.

We pride ourselves on our rapid response. Not only on carrying out lift surveys and issuing a report, but responding to contact, understanding your needs, and getting you a quote. We will get back to you within 24 hours, if not sooner.