Sustainable Solutions

From monitoring energy consumption of lifts, to identifying energy reduction measures for lifts, to specifying energy efficient lifts. We offer a range of solutions to enable our clients to firstly, understand the energy consumption of their lifts and then secondly, to reduce it.

Lift energy consumption monitoring

Understanding the energy usage and the cost is a precursor to making decisions about energy reduction.
We can provide Internet of Things [IoT] energy monitoring devices to install on your lifts. These can be installed permanently but are often installed for a few months. In addition to monitoring the energy they record lift trip duration and number of trips. This gives an understanding of the lift usage and traffic patterns alongside the energy consumption. This data can then be analysed to give insights on how the energy consumption might be reduced.

Lift Energy Consumption Monitoring

Energy reduction measures for existing lifts

There are many ways to reduce the energy consumption of lifts, some are low-cost measures and, others involve more extensive capital investment. We can guide you through the options with budget costings, that are appropriate for you.

Sustainable Lift Solutions

Specifying for energy efficiency

Energy classification for lifts
We are aware of this type of energy classification when it comes to fridges and washing machines but lifts!
European guidelines VDI 4707 Part I, cover the energy efficiency of lifts. Many products on the market now adhere to this.
The guidelines provide a basis that makes it possible to establish a generally comprehensible and transparent comparison of lift systems from various manufacturers without complex calculations.
BREEAM is the world’s leading science-based suite of validation and certification systems for sustainable built environment. BREEAM certification is widely use in the UK construction industry and demonstrates the environmental quality, performance and sustainability credential of products and schemes.
We can assist in gaining the available two BREEAM credits for lifts by undertaking a BREEAM analysis.

Energy classification for lifts

If you would like to find out more about how to reduce the energy consumption of your lifts, then please get in touch