We give you peace of mind.

Rest assured you will get dependable, creative, responsive input to your project however large or small. We say what we do and, we do what we say.

Portfolio Management

Reliable, well performing and safe lift and escalator equipment that meets all statutory requirements. All achieved through well-run maintenance at competitive costs. 

Lift Portfolio Management Services

Surveys, Audits & Inspections

With a nationwide team of lift consultants, we can schedule and survey your equipment rapidly and comprehensively. Quickly giving you an accurate assessment of the state of the equipment and allowing you to make informed decisions with confidence.

Lift Audits and Surveys

Modernisation, Refurbishment and Replacement

Lifts, like cars, get old and need replacing. But with lifts, unlike most modern cars, rather than replacing the whole lift it can be more economical and appropriate to modernise or refurbish it. Costs can be high and navigating the market can be daunting. We manage lift modernisation, lift refurbishment and lift replacement projects day-in and day-out for our clients. From concept through to handover, we ensure our clients get competitive prices and projects delivered on time and on budget.

New Developments

From single lifts in private residences to multiple lifts, escalators, passenger conveyors and platform lifts in large developments, our lift consultancy services can support you and your development at each stage.

What is lift overrun?


It can be a distressing experience for passengers who are trapped in a lift. If their release takes too long and passengers have particular conditions, what should be a straightforward and quick procedure could turn into a health and safety issue.


Lift Passenger Release Training

Partnerships and Frameworks

From the day we started, we recognised that long-term partnerships and framework agreements were the way forward. These currently amount to more than 80% of our work. We are flexible and we work the way that our clients want us to. We spend time understanding each other, building trust and relationships with real benefits.


What We Do - The Lift Consultancy

Sustainable Solutions

From monitoring energy consumption to specifying energy reduction devices for lifts, we offer a range of solutions so our clients can firstly, understand and reduce their energy consumption.


Sustainable Lift Solutions