What is a lift refurbishment?

A lift refurbishment is a process of modernising and upgrading an existing lift system to improve its performance, safety, and appearance. Lift refurbishments can be carried out on any type of lift, including passenger lifts, goods lifts, and service lifts.

What does a lift refurbishment involve?

Lift refurbishments typically involve a range of upgrades and modifications, including:

  1. Mechanical upgrades: This may involve replacing worn or outdated components such as motors, controllers, and gearboxes with more advanced and efficient systems.
  2. Electrical upgrades: This may involve replacing outdated electrical systems such as lift controllers, door operators, and safety systems with newer and more advanced equipment.
  3. Aesthetic upgrades: This may involve updating the interior finishes of the lift, such as flooring, lighting, and wall panels, to improve the appearance and user experience.
  4. Safety upgrades: This may involve installing new safety features, such as modern interlocks, overspeed governors, and emergency lighting, to ensure the lift is safe and compliant with current regulations.
  5. Accessibility upgrades: This may involve installing new features such as braille buttons, voice announcements, and tactile indicators to improve accessibility for people with disabilities.

What other benefits can a lift refurbishment bring?

Lift refurbishments can also help extend the lifespan of a lift and improve its reliability, reducing the risk of breakdowns and maintenance issues. Refurbishing a lift can also improve the value of a property, as a modernized lift can be an attractive selling point for potential tenants or buyers.

Overall, a lift refurbishment can be a cost-effective and practical solution for building owners and managers looking to improve the performance, safety, and appearance of their existing lift systems.

If you are thinking of pressing the button on a lift refurbishment we can help you navigate through the process. Get in touch to chat about your project.

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