How can a lift consultant help with lift refurbishment?

A lift consultant can offer a wide range of services related to lift refurbishment, these include:

Lift survey and assessment

The consultant can conduct a detailed survey of the existing lift system and assess its condition and performance. This can help to identify any potential issues or areas of improvement.

Lift design and specification

The consultant can assist with the design and specification of the project. This includes developing detailed drawings and specifications that meet the client’s needs and comply with relevant regulations.

Project management

The consultant can manage the project from start to finish. This includes overseeing contractors, ensuring that work is completed on time and to a high standard, and managing any issues that arise during the project.

Tender management

The consultant can manage the tender process for the projects, including preparing tender documents, evaluating bids, and making recommendations to the client.

Quality control and commissioning

The consultant can oversee the quality control and testing of the lift system to ensure that it meets the required standards and performance criteria.

Compliance and regulatory issues

The consultant can advise clients on compliance and regulatory issues related, including building regulations, health and safety, and disability access requirements.

Overall, a lift consultant can provide expert guidance and support throughout the process, helping clients to achieve a safe, efficient, and reliable lift system that meets their needs and complies with relevant regulations.

If you need help with a lift refurbishment, we have a wealth of experience that can help you make the process straightforward and cost effective.

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