Lift Refurbishment – Frequently Asked Questions

In this insight we address all the frequently asked questions about lift refurbishment. Continue reading to learn more

What is lift refurbishment?

Lift refurbishment is the process of modernizing and updating an existing lift to improve its performance, reliability, safety, and aesthetics. We have a entire insight for this, learn more about what lift refurbishment actually is.

Why is it important?

Lift refurbishment is important because it helps to extend the lifespan of a lift, improve its safety and reliability, and enhance its aesthetics. It can also help to meet changing user needs and regulatory requirements. Find out more about the regulations for lift operation in our insight on LOLER.

When is it necessary?

Lift refurbishment may be necessary when a lift has reached the end of its useful life, is experiencing frequent breakdowns or safety issues, is no longer meeting user needs, or is not in compliance with regulatory requirements.

What are the benefits of lift refurbishment?

The benefits of lift refurbishment include improved safety, reliability, performance, aesthetics, and energy efficiency. It can also reduce maintenance costs and extend the lifespan of the lift.

What are the steps involved in lift refurbishment?

The steps involved  may vary depending on the specific lift and the scope of work involved. However, they may include an assessment of the existing lift, design and planning, equipment replacement or upgrade, installation and testing, and commissioning.

How long does it typically take to refurbish a lift?

The duration of lift refurbishment can vary depending on the specific lift and the scope of work involved. However, it typically takes several weeks to several months to complete.

What are the safety considerations?

Safety considerations include following proper safety procedures, identifying and addressing safety hazards, and communicating with stakeholders and users about any disruptions or safety concerns.

What is the cost of lift refurbishment?

The cost may vary depending on the specific lift and the scope of work involved. However, it can range from several thousand to several hundred thousand of pounds.

How can lift owners ensure that their lifts are maintained and refurbished properly?

Lift owners can ensure that their lifts are maintained and refurbished properly by working with reputable lift manufacturers and contractors, following proper maintenance and safety procedures, and staying up-to-date with regulatory requirements and industry standards.


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