Lift Survey and Report Questions and Answers

Q. The lift company are telling me that parts on my lift are obsolete and need to be replaced is this true?

A. During a lift survey, our lift consultants identify components that are suspected of being obsolete. If we can’t tell you straight away we will make some enquiries with the original equipment manufacturer and component suppliers. That way we can find out if spares or replacements are available and how long they are likely to be available for.

If obsolescence is confirmed we will detail the implications (cost, performance, reliability, down time) and suggest as many solutions as we can think of that best suit your circumstance.

Q. Is the lift maintenance company fulfilling his duties under the lift service contract?

A. Give us sight of the Lift Maintenance Contract and let us loose on your lift and we will identify with concrete examples, where the lift servicing is not up to scratch, or not up to contract, if this is indeed the case.

Q. What is the condition and life expectancy of my lift?

A. After a lift condition survey, we can tell you the condition and life expectancy of all the sub-components that constitute your lift. Which means all might not be lost and there may be other solutions, rather than a complete modernisation or replacement, available to you.

Q. Does my lift comply with the necessary Lift Health and Safety requirements and applicable lift Regulations?

A. Lift surveys by our experienced lift consultants can identify precisely what needs to be done to meet the required H&S and Legal requirement.

The legal situation is pretty clear in the UK and so we see no reason to be ambiguous in our reports. Where work is needed it will be listed out, with associated budget costs and a jargon free explanation of your obligations.