Lift Condition Survey

If your a lift owner or operator, you’ll likely be familiar with lift regulations, however, you may not know exactly what a lift condition survey is. In this insight we will explore all the different elements of a lift survey and what they actually mean.

How do lift condition surveys help?

Lift condition surveys give you all the information you need to know about your lift(s). Therefore, you can make informed decisions.

The Key points that a lift condition survey include are covered under several sections.

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary is broken down into three sections as follows.

Lift Condition Survey summary of findings.

This is a few short sentences covering the most important points from the survey.

A Criticality Table

The criticality table includes significant issues found during the survey which need action now or very soon.

We break down the issues into the following categories for emphasis.

Firstly, Critical Issues(s) and / or impact

Secondly, Significant Issue(s) and / or impact

Thirdly, No or Minor Issues and / or impact

A capital works budget cost table

This important table gives an overview of expenditure. The short, medium and long term are periods in which any significant expenditure (when applicable) is broken down. This enables essential and accurate budgeting and expenditure planning.

Statutory Documentation

This is a a key section reviewing statutory documentation. We will review, if avaialable, the Insurance Inspectors LOLER reports. We will provide comment on any significant and important points.

Description of Installation & Summary Table

This is a precise record of the all the key asset characterises.


A very critical eye is used to assess the overall condition of all the equipment.

Code Compliance

Two important Standards benchmake Code Compliance.

Health and Safety, EN 81 Part 80. This Standard is about the upgrading of safety of existing lifts.

Accessibility, EN 81 Part 70. This Standard covers accessibility to lifts for persons including persons with a disability.

Operational and Performance

  • We measure and comment on the following performance criteria.
  • Ride quality including acceleration and deceleration.
  • Noise levels
  • Acceleration and Jerk rate (Jerk is the rate of change of acceleration and perceived as abruptness of starting and stopping)
  • Floor levelling accuracy
  • Speed

This is an outline of what you get from one of our lift condition surveys.

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