Partnerships and Framework Agreements

Over 70% of our business is from national or regional clients. We work collaboratively and flexibly to support our clients in getting the most from their vertical transportation.

We recognise that having long term relationships with our clients is mutually beneficial in many ways. We also recognise that we often need to adapt the way we work to fit in with what suits our clients best.

Over 90% of our work is from repeat business whether that be with our major clients who we work with day in day out or, with smaller clients that come back to us as they have a less frequent need of our services.

Partnerships with Lift Consultants

Some of our relationships are contractual some are not. Some are very specific and others less defined.

We can, and do offer our services for some of our client’s adopting their email names so, it appears they have the resource in house. For others we collaborate as a sub-consultant.

Key accounts amount to over 70% of our business and, we have set up our internal processes to reflect this so they get all the resource and focus they need.

Lift Consultancy Partnerships

One of our core values is collaboration. We find the closer the working relationship we have with our clients, the better for both parties.

We have an open dialogue and straightforward approach.

Lift Consultants London - Partnerships with Us

Please get in touch if you would like to explore how a partnership/framework relationship covering vertical transportation consultancy can enhance your business.