Sammy Ofer Centre, London Business School

Designed by architects, Sheppard Robson, and with 37 seminar rooms, six new lecture theatres, a stunning new library and multiple breakout areas, the new centre increases the teaching space at London Business School by 70%. The famous Grade II-listed building successfully marries a 1920s structure designed in the classical manner, with the latest in architectural design and facilities. The scheme involves thirteen lifts comprising 8 off new passenger and goods/passenger lifts of various capacities, 1 modernised traction lift. 2 off accessibility platforms, 1 off lifting table and a goods only trolley lift. Completed 2017


Full services RIBA 3 to 6 working initially for the architect Sheppard Robson, then being novated across to the main contractor Wates.

Particular Challenges

  • A general challenge for the front facing lifts was the need to interpret the architect’s aesthetic and functional design vision in terms of the vertical transportation. This involved detailed study of the various people and material flows in the building – and how they would use the lifts – and working with the team to come up with practical cost-effective solutions. We also worked closely within the design team to translate the architect’s design intent into what was achievable through, adapting lift contractors standard products, with bespoke elements at reasonable overall cost.
  • One of the lifts serves as a dual use – for access to LBS staff areas as well as access to the Grade II listed part of the building where wedding ceremonies take place. This involved devising appropriate modes of operation for the lift to ensure the two categories of passengers would never coincide.
  • The inclusion of the education facility to the building increased waste levels significantly. The agreement with the local council was for street pick up of waste trolleys at the rear of the building. However, there was very limited access to store these trolley on the premises at street level where they could be quickly and easily turned around at waste collection time. The solution was to include the waste storage at a basement level and, provide a shuttle goods only lift for transferring the trolleys rapidly to/from the storage/street level at pick up time.

Project Team

Architect: Sheppard Robson

Contractor: Wates

Services Consultant: Battle McCarthy



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