One Heritage Tower, Salford

One Heritage is a 55 storey residential development that will be the tallest in Salford and will include one, two and three bedroom apartments, as well as commercial space and major public realm improvements including a scenic river walkway. The plan layout of the development is generated by the existing street pattern, the Greengate Regeneration strategy and the desire to reinstate lost street frontages along Greengate and New Bridge Street. Started in 2022 due for completion 2026.


RIBA stages 3 and 6 working through the services consultants Crooks Walker Consultging.

Particular Challenges

  • With such a tall building the space-take or ‘foot print’ of the lift core is critical. Numerous configurations of lit traffic simulations were undertaken to find an optimal solution that provided acceptable lift service level criteria and minimised the overall space in the core.
  • Further optimisation of vertical transportation was achieved by having duel use lifts for the car park shuttle lifts and cycle lifts.

Project Team

Architect: OMI Architects

Contractor: Midgard

Services Consultant: Crookes Walker Consulting



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