International Financial Centre, Building 1, Jersey

IFC 1 is an MJP designed building on the International Finance Centre. A six storey, 64,000 sft, Super Prime Grade A development.


Full technical consultancy services through RIBA stages 3 to 6.

Vertical Transporation

  • Lift L01, L01, L03 – 17 persons, 1275kg, electric traction passenger lift with machine in shaft serving 7 levels, B, G, 1 to 5  with a travel distance 21.5 m and a contract speed of 1.6m/s.
  • Lifts L04 – 26 persons, 2000 Kg, electric traction passenger/goods lift with machine in shaft serving 7 levels B, G, 1 to 5 with a travel distance of 21.5 m and a contract speed of 1.0 m/s.

Project Team

Architect: MJP Architects

Client: Jersey Development Company

Services Consultant: Watermans



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