10 Palace Green, London

Often cited as the “most exclusive address” in London, in amongst the half mile long, tree-lined avenue and at the southern section of Kensington Palace Gardens lies 10 Palace Green. Built in 1905, the property is the private residence of the Norwegian Ambassador and state apartment and accompanying staff accommodation. The property serves as the public face of Norway in the UK and hosts up to 4000 visits per year.


Full consultancy duties following RIBA plan of work stages 2 through to 6.

Particular Challenges

  • This was a challenging design project and in particular, fitting a new passenger lift within the very small existing lift shaft. The existing landing swing doors also had to be retained due to the Grade II listing. The use of slim line doors aided in the design to introduce new automatic car and landing doors. This not only improved the safety levels of the lift but allowed the retention of the swing doors as a decorative feature.
  • The lift car interior also had to match the existing design which, required very detailed design work. The final installation is now a fantastic replica of the previous design.
  • To aide with improving the access into the building we introduced a platform lift into the front entrance lobby area as a method of assisting those who cannot manage the short flight of steps. The final design of this lift has blended in perfectly with the lobby finishes, providing a unique and unimposing feature.

Project Team

Architect: MSMR Architects

Contractor: Coniston Construction

Services Consultant: N/A



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