Mark Bashford – Director

After a long career in the lift industry; installing lifts for major projects, sales engineering and lift consultancy, Mark wanted to bring his own touch to the world of consultants, and so co-founded The Lift Consultancy with Gabriel. He’s responsible for sales and new development projects. 

Bringing new staff on board and watching them grow into the role is the most rewarding part of the job to Mark. He is inspired to change the industry and has brought through enthusiastic people to take the industry forwards. He does this through living the company’s core values and is proud of the work he and the rest of the team delivers. 

Our approach of listening and understanding rather than dictating and ignoring, which unfortunately until our conception, was very much the way. This gives us more repeat business and more recommendations than we ever thought possible, this is something we are truly very proud of. As a director, he wants to step back and let others shine. By guiding people to be the best they can be, he helps the organic growth of the business.

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