Kevin Larkman – Senior Field Consultant

Kevin has been in the industry since 1990, working for several big names in the engineering field. In 1993 he achieved fitter status and went on to gain his NVQ 4 in Testing and Commissioning in 2004. Kevin has experience in both technical and regional management which led him to his role as field consultant at The Lift Consultancy. He joined the company in early 2022 and his main duties include performing maintenance audits, producing surveys and reports and providing passenger release training.

His favourite part of his role is that he gets the chance to go out into the field and work with lots of different types of equipment. Kevin feels challenged in his role, particularly when out on site, determining which parts need to be replaced to avoid hazards. Kevin is very ambitious and wants to grow his skills so he can support the company as it continues to provide exceptional service.

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