Lift Maintenance, value for money?

Lift Maintenance, from basic oil and grease to fully comprehensive and everything in between, there are a multitude of Lift Maintenance Contracts in use today in the lift industry.

Occasionally they don’t always match the service that is required and are sometimes written more to protect the lift service company than the lift owner/operator.

A well written lift maintenance contract should equally protect the owner and the lift company. But more to the point it should specify exactly what level of service is needed in the building.

The Lift Maintenance Contract

The lift service should be specified in terms of ‘in service time’- literally the actual amount of time the lifts are in service during the operating hours of the business. This should be 97% or higher in most uses. Straightforward enough for an office open 9 to 6 or a shop open 10 to 8. But what about a hospital or hotel open for most of the day and every day of the year. The point is the contract should be tailored to the establishment.

Response times and maximum break-down rates should be specified along with reasonable penalties for missing them, all taking into account the condition of the lifts.

Having a maintenance contract written to suit your needs is a straightforward exercise which takes into account the operation of the building and the condition of the equipment. It is not an expensive exercise and can be done quickly.

If you are unhappy with your maintenance and are thinking of changing your maintenance provider then consider the maintenance contract and look to get that right first.

The Lift Consultancy have experienced lift consultants that are able to write lift maintenance contracts that reflect the level of service you need and are fair. Below are a few links that you may find useful.

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