How to procure a lift consultant?

So, you have not used a lift consultant before. Not to worry, procuring or engaging a lift consultant is straightforward, quick and simple.

First Steps

The first thing to do is to contact us. There is absolutely no obligation when you do.

We can be contacted by email or phone or by using our contact form.

You certainly know that you have an issue relating to your lift(s).

You probably need assistance but you may not be so clear on how we can help.

Firstly, we simply need to understand the lift related issues. And the best way to do this is to talk by talking to you over the phone. Meeting face to face can help with explaining things. We will then make an appointment to meet with a lift consultant at your convenience.

You can also email us, perhaps if it’s a new development for example, with plans. We can then have a look before we discuss them with you. Any information you send us is confidential and will of course, be treated as such.

Agree Fee Proposal

Once we understand things better, we will prepare a draft proposal and send this to you. This is a plain English word document – no jargon. This document will detail exactly what services we will provide. When and where we will provide them and how much it will cost (a fixed cost).

If you are happy with that then fine, we can start work. But often there is something that needs changing, whether adding, deleting or amending. We will re-submit the proposal till you are completely comfortable with its contents.

Get in touch with the team today to chat about your vertical transport needs.

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