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Reliability Lift Survey

  • Are you experiencing unacceptably high levels of unreliability with lifts regularly out of service?
  • Are you experiencing poor performance with for example poor floor levelling, noisy operation or poor ride quality?
  • Are there re-occurring problems that you are not confident the maintenance company are really dealing with?

The actual problems causing the poor reliability may be simple or complex and may be a result of the quality of maintenance and/or the condition of the equipment. It may be that external factors are an influence e.g. abuse by users (intentional or unintentional), incorrect/over use, environment (temperature, humidity) etc. all of which can contribute to unreliability.

What Does a Lift Reliability Survey or Reliability Review Entail?

A lift reliability survey or review is a thorough look at the equipment focussed entirely on identifying causes of unreliability and of proposing rectification actions.

Gathering Information

The first stage of such an investigation is to gather information. Firstly, we will discuss with whoever is available, building managers/users etc… to understand both their experiences of the unreliability as well as determining how the lifts are used.

  • When does the unreliability occur?
  • Is it on particular lift(s), at a particular time?
  • What happens when the lifts break down (stop in shaft, doors fail to operate etc.)

We will obtain either from the client, or with the permission of the client, from the service company, as much historic information on breakdowns as is available and in as much detail as possible. We have not come across a service company that does not have an IT based service operation so the records certainly should be available.

When appropriate we will discuss the unreliability with the servicing company. Their knowledge is extremely useful, and most reputable companies and members of industry associations should be both willing and helpful.

Lift Inspections

Then we conduct a lift survey on site, examining equipment in detail, checking operation, checking adjustment and lubrication and monitoring lifts at peak times.

Occasionally further more in-depth testing is required and when necessary we have the capability to carry out from specialist tests on individual components, to full re-testing of complete lifts.

Also if required we will contact the original manufacturing company of key components to check design characteristics and compare those to the actual operating conditions.

We have the ability to monitor lifts over time for example to measure the motor room operating temperature via the application of data logger(s).

Essentially, we will gather as much data as we deem necessary to get to the bottom of the problem(s).

A Comprehensive Report With Recommendations

The ensuing report will include; an Executive Summary; a breakdown of the areas (if more than one) of unreliability, necessary explanation of the issues; test results and most importantly, how the problems can be resolved and reliability improved. Specific recommendations will be provided and if necessary an action plan outlined.

What does it cost?

That depends on how many lifts and the amount of unreliability but for example if it was one lift and If we can get a reasonable amount of data straight away (a service history of 12 months covering the incidents is often sufficient), that can give us some initial thoughts on the extent of the problems. We can than give a fixed fee for carrying out further investigation including attending site and writing the report.

More information on our specialist range of lift surveys can be found via the links below.


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