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Lift PerformancA lift performance survey will look in detail at key aspects of the lift, identifying problems and providing solutions to improve the lift performance.

This lift survey is appropriate for all types of lifts but is particularly useful on high traffic intensity lifts where small degradations in lift performance can have a detrimental effect on the service in terms of traffic handling and waiting times.

Our Lift Consultants look at the following areas in detail:

Lift Floor Levelling

Accuracy should be within a few millimetres.

Lift Door Operation

When the lifts are intensively used door operating times are critical.  A few doors operating slowly, perhaps by only a second, on a lift serving multiple floors will add many seconds to the round trip time which, in turn directly affects waiting time and handling capacity. We also look at noise and smoothness of operation.

Lift Floor to Floor Flight Times

Usually measured as the time the door is closed to 800 mm at one floor, to the time the door is open by 800 mm at the next floor, for a typical floor to floor distance in the building. This measure gives an indication of dwell time (the time from when the door are fully closed to the time the lift actually starts moving), the acceleration, deceleration and full speed of the lift.

Lift Speed

The lift may be rated at a given speed but is it actually running at that speed at all times, under all conditions (fully, partially loaded or empty)?

Lift Ride Quality

Too much noise or vibration that you think is not normal or unnerving clunks and rattles as the lifts go up and down. We use the industry leading Physical Measurement Technologies EVA-625 for our ride analysis. This measures precisely the vibration in the vertical and both horizontal planes as well as the noise throughout the lift travel.


Hone all the above factors on a lift and you will have more contended lift users and improved traffic handling and waiting times, and a lift that is performing as it was designed to.

Our independent lift consultants will encompass all the results in an easy to understand, no jargon report that will identify the problems and recommend improvements.

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