Fast, Accurate Lift Surveys on your mobile device

No more paper based lift surveys

Going to site to survey lifts is something we all have to do very regularly, and have done for many years using the same forms being photocopied or printed time and time again. The lift survey form is hand filled in on site, we then sit down, usually when back in the office, and transfer the lift survey data from the lift survey form typically into a company letter, quote or specification, or maybe an email to request a component supplier, or we use the information in some other way.

Mark Bashford and Gabriel Murray of The Lift Consultancy have put their heads together and devised a platform that speeds up the recording and transfer of lift site survey information, allows the lift surveyor to combine photos, then at a touch of a button, email the lift survey and photos to wherever needed, instantly.

Fast, Accurate Site Lift Surveys

The Lift Surveyor is an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch application (app) that deals with the need to have an easy to use lift survey sheet, camera and speed measurement tool all-in-one. On completion of the survey, the data recorded is readily available in easily useable electronic format (Microsoft Word), ideal for copy and pasting in to emails, reports, quotations, specifications etc…

Requests from suppliers for component quotes are now fast and efficient; simply send the data taken whist on site to the supplier direct from your phone.

During the lift survey the app prompts the lift surveyor for the relevant information in an intuitive way and based on where they are during the survey e.g. motor room, car top, pit etc… When the lift survey is emailed the app organises that data in a logical way and outputs it in a series of tables.

Lift Survey Template Creation

A powerful feature the app offers is the ability to create templates. These can be easily made up off site and could be for say, hydraulic lifts and electric lifts or lifts with manual or power doors. Then when you get to site, much of the lift survey data is already pre-filled in.

Lift Suvey Application

There are no limits on the amount of lift survey templates you can save (other than the device storage capacity). Having template and past lift surveys already on your phone, should speed up the lift survey as often there is past site or template that you can work from.

Flexibility and Adaptability with your Lift Surveys

The application breaks the lift survey information down into five areas

  • Site details
  • Data
  • Modernisation
  • EN81-80
  • Performance

Accurate Lift Surveys 

‘Site details’ are just that e.g. customer, address, lift reference etc..

‘Data’ is all the lift characteristics e.g. capacity speed, configuration, type, shaft and car dimensions, door type, floors etc…

‘Modernisation’ is a very extensive list of components that make up a lift that can be selected as N=New, R=Retain or M=Modernise or not selected if they do not form part of the lift you are surveying.

‘EN81 Part 80’ is a list of the 74 H&S items from this Standard and the surveyor can select as compliant of non-compliant.

‘Performance’ is a list of performance criteria such as door times, floor levelling accuracy, operation noise etc…

The user is always prompted for Site details and Data information but under ‘Settings’ in the ‘Survey Control’ area, you can switch off modernisation, EN81-80 or performance. This has been done to reduce the number of items the user is shown if they are not relevant to the survey they are doing.

More cleverly the app only sends the information you complete so you don’t end up with line after line of empty text in the output tables. Of course as long as you keep the survey on your device then you can always return and take further details should you need them.

A picture tells a thousand words

The app allows you to switch to your phone camera, then back again, so you can take photos whenever you want. At the end of the lift survey you can choose to attach any photos to the lift survey file for emailing. Or you can simply retain the photos on your device and download when back at the office. A typical use could be to send your lift survey details plus a few photos instantly to a component supplier, then call them, whilst you are still on site, to find out if they have all the information they need. This could save a return visit to gather any other further information you had missed..

Lift Speed Measurement

The clever and intuitive application doesn’t just stop with manual inputted data either. You can use the app to record lift speed from within the lift car.

This is done with the accelerometer in the device and whilst it is not a calibrated tachometer, it can give you a reasonably accurate readout of the lift speed. Useful if for example you can’t find the lift speed in another way.

Where the idea came from?

The idea for the app came from the frustration of the designers at having to take, often repetitive data, from site, then to have a delay whilst the hand notes are transferred to a PC or laptop, where the actual lift survey data can then be put to good use.

Lift Industry Benefits

The speed, consistency and accuracy with which this app allows the collection of site data has many benefits for a wide variety of potential users.

Lift company surveyors, from modernisation sales and engineering to small repairs and service can gather site data fast then use that data, either themselves or by support staff back in the office, instantly.

The Modernisation feature allows detailed information to be collected for small and large repair and modernisation sales alike.

The app can be used directly as a means to generate sales and improve the safety of existing lifts with the Part 80 survey function that gives a list of non-compliant areas which, can be quickly dropped into a standard letter.

Lift Consultants, as we do, can use it to gather site information they need for their client reports. We at the Lift Consultancy have been using the app for our survey and reports since Beta testing (as soon as it was available) and would not be without it.

Feedback gained so far from people within the lift industry that have seen the application has been nothing but positive. Certainly something to look out for on the app store!

21st Century Thinking for the Lift Industry