10 Fenchurch Street

Description Of Building

10 Fenchurch Avenue comprises retail and office space which are contained within a range of minimal yet sharp geometries that constantly change as they reflect daylight and the weather conditions. It is an iconic building with a dynamic urban feel that will overlook the City’s many lanes and streets; a building of a hundred views. This building holds one of London’s largest footprints and being 14 stories above ground can hold over 3,000 people. With vertical transportation taking up much needed space in terms of lettable areas, the challenge was to develop a system that could operate the building successfully and be altered at a later date.

The Eric Parry Architects-designed building includes a roof restaurant and publicly accessible roof garden.


A total of 20 lifts comprising an eight and a three-car group of passenger lifts, two public lifts, two goods lifts, one service lift, two car lifts and two platform lifts.

Lift Consultant Duties 

Full lift consultant duties from RIBA stages 2 through 6 covering design to completion.

Key Challenges

At the start of this project, we encountered considerable technological uncertainties and difficulties, with no available information on how to resolve these. This was due to the change in code compliance which added more restrictions for safety. No company had yet encountered these. This required some innovative solutions.

To develop a system that could operate a building over two lobbies?

To develop emergency access for trapped passengers with technology that also needed to be used as a firefighting lift?

The technology would need to meet all the relevant health and safety requirements regardless of its utilisation. Innovative Solutions

Designing and developing technology to create bespoke user interfaces that could operate two lobbies of lifts serving different floors, but to also enable it to be switched off.

Design and development of a car to car transfer

Design and development of an 11-car group system that interconnects and can be disabled. A unique flat pack adaptable housing system to meet the requirements of a highly limited brief, without any technical drawings.

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