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Lift Consultants as Project Managers?

We have a deep and broad understanding of different methods for delivering projects. How the intricacies of lift and escalator works impact on other disciples and on the operations in a building.

We are used to working with stakeholders in a project. They could be owners, developers, building tenants, landlords, construction managers, architects, outside agencies for example.

What about the lift contractor, he has a project manager, doesn’t he pick up that role?

On smaller simpler projects with good communication between the lift contractor and the lift consultant, it is often not necessary to have a dedicated Project Manager. But on larger and more complex projects it can really help.

The Project Manager will invariably have a wider remit than the lift consultant or lift contractor’s Project Manager.

Acting as the client’s agent, with ultimate responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of a project

We recognise that in some instances, the additional Project Management resource input in addition to technical consultancy services can make the difference.

We offer this service in conjunction with the lift consultants role and only on projects that for the most part, involve lifts and escalators.

This is a tailored service, designed to fit in with the way you work and the specific needs of the project in hand.

Quite often there is already a Project Manager. When this is the case we as lift consultants would be working as a member of your team to get the project delivered as desired.

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