The Nova Building, London

This project consists of three buildings Nova North, Nova South and the Nova building.

There are a total of forty-five lifts across the three buildings.

  • 26 passenger lifts
  • 7 firefighting lifts
  • 11 goods passenger lifts
  • 1 platform lift

The South and North buildings are commercial offices, with the Nova building being residential.

There are retail units on the ground and basement levels under each of the three buildings.

Description of Works

The Lift Consultancy was appointed as lift package manager for Mace Group, responsible for delivering 45 lifts to the end client Land Securities.

As lift package manager, we managed Kone and other key interface trades to ensure delivery and installation to specification, programme and cost.

Key Issues

Key issues and challenges revolved around the interfaces with other trade works, especially entrances, lobby walls and architraves, and BMS systems.

We held regular fortnightly meetings with Kone to review progress and to discuss and agree forward planning of works.

We also conducted regular site walk -arounds and inspections to monitor Kone progress and to discuss and agree solutions to on-site problems.

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