Odu-Dua Housing Association, London

Odu-Dua Housing Association is a small dynamic black and ethnic minority (BME) housing association based in Camden, North London.With the life expired on two of their passenger lifts, Odu-Dua turned to The Lift Consultancy for help.We were appointed to manage the project from conception to completion.

Survey and Report through to Issuing of a Specification for Tender

  • We began by completing a full technical survey and report which provided recommendations to the extent of the required works.
  • We drew up a specification and issued it to tender.
  • We completed a full tender analysis along with post tender interviews.
  • We assisted the client in appointing the successful contractor.


  • Following the appointment of the contractor, we agreed programmes both buildings.
  • We held a pre-start meeting with key personnel to discuss site specifics and logistics.
  • We also assisted the client with interface trades, such as mains power, BT lines and machine room ventilation.

On site

  • We completed mid-term progress visits along with reports advising the client of progress made against the agreed programme.
  • We completed final acceptance checks at the end of the project, confirming works were installed to the specification and highlighted any defects.
  • We completed a final visit to sign-off the defects.
  • Throughout the project, we were also responsible for certifying payment applications.

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