Jubilee House, London

This project consisted of one residential property, containing a total of two passenger lifts. We only completed work on one of the lifts.

The Lift Consultancy was originally appointed by our client to complete a survey and report which provided details of the condition of the existing equipment and recommendations, budgets and timescales for works required.

We held a meeting with the client and their client to discuss the options and on the back of this, they decided to proceed with a technical specification and tender process. They conducted a full tender review along with a full report and recommendations.

The client completed post tender interviews with two contractors and we assisted the client in appointing the successful contractor.

Following the appointment of the contractor, we assisted the client with contract preparation and a pre-construction information pack as part of our contract administration and CDM Principal Designers role.

We agreed a programme of works and held a pre-start meeting with the client and the tenants liaison to discuss site specifics and logistics. Throughout the project we had various progress reviews and checkpoints to ensure we kept the programme on track.  We were also responsible for certifying payment applications. At the end of the project, we completed a final acceptance check, confirming that the works were installed to the specification. We also issued a defects list and a practical completion certificate. Once defects were rectified, we signed off the work in a final visit. 

Due to the residential nature of the property, we assisted the client to ensure the contractor restricted noisy works to the hours of 10am and 4pm. 

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