The Concorde La Fayette, Paris

The Concorde La Fayette is one of the largest luxury hotels in Paris with 950 rooms. Recently opened after refurbishment, the hotel bar, Panoromarique renamed Bar Vue, offers spectacular views over Paris.

Situated on the 34th floor, and previously with no lift access (the lifts in the hotel only reach the 33rd floor), Bar Vue is now served by a dedicated lift serving the 34th floor.

Our lift consultants worked closely with the French design team on this demanding project. Initially we provided early design information, then specifying, tendering and working closely with the main contractor throughout the construction period to ensure the lift installation went smoothly.

Logistics and working hours were particularly demanding to ensure no disruption to the on-going operations of the hotel.

The Lift Consultancy are experienced hotel lift consultants having worked on projects in the UK and throughout Europe.

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