Chancery Lane, London

Chancery Lane has a mixture of architectural styles with a predominantly Georgian architecture. It takes its name from the High Court of Chancery and dates from the mid- twelfth Century.

Project Summary

The Lift Consultancy was asked to assist the owner of one of Chancery Lane’s historic buildings with their old lifts.The lifts, a duplex two-car group of Otis lifts, were over 26 years old. Performance and reliability were deteriorating quickly and most of the equipment was obsolete.


The first step was to produce a survey and report that provided options and costs for the client to obtain internal approval for the expenditure.

It was clear that an extensive lift modernisation or full lift replacement was needed. Following budget approval, the specification and tender were created, requesting prices for both options.

Furthermore, the tender was for third party non-proprietary equipment which the client preferred. The tenders were issued to several independent lift companies following a pre-qualification exercise.

Crest Lifts were most competitive and successfully won the tender with a full lift replacement.The Lift Consultancy assisted all the way through to final commissioning of the equipment.

Particular Challenges

Working in a fully occupied building minimising disruption was critical. The work was meticulously planned to avoid adverse impact on the tenants.

  • Specific storage routes were agreed.
  • Specific trucking routes and times were pre-agreed to avoid busy office hours.
  • The old lift equipment was removed at night.
  • Noisy work was tightly managed – always a challenge balancing the needs of the lift contractors to undertake noisy work with the needs of the building occupants to be undisturbed.

The second lift was completed in February 2018 to the satisfaction of all.

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