90 York Way

The multipurpose building is located in Central London and comprises office space on the upper floors and function areas on the ground floor and lower levels. The vertical transportation system in the considered area of the building includes a group of six passenger lifts, two escalators and a firefighters’ lift.

Project Summary

The Lift Consultancy was commissioned by Waterman Building Services Ltd on behalf of their client to conduct a condition survey of the vertical transportation system at 90 York Way.


Our condition survey service pays particular attention to the life expectancy and suitability of the installation to provide adequate service for the existing and future use of the building. The reports also comment on compliance with current legislation, standards, and codes of practice for safe working on lifts and provide budget costs for works that may be necessary.


  • The office and function areas run independently with differing requirements for access. Good planning was essential to ensure disruption was minimal and to arrange the work to fit the schedules of both areas of the building

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