Lift Destination Control – Part 1

Lift Destination Control systems are becoming more prevalent in the market. This series of three article explains the basics.

Lift Destination Control or Hall Call Allocation

Replacing lift car floor buttons with floor designation buttons on each landing?

How can doing does this improve the efficiency of traffic handling and hence lift service?

These lift control systems have been around for a long time now. As a consequence, more and more people are becoming accustomed to them. Nowadays, it is universally accepted that they can significantly improve the traffic performance of intensively used groups of lifts.

Some of the lift destination control product offerings of lift companies is listed below.

Global Lift Companies

  • Kone – Destination Control System
  • Otis – Compass
  • Mitsubishi – Destination Control
  • Schindler – Miconic 10
  • Thyssenkrupp – Destination Selection Control

Independent UK Based Lift Companies

  • KollMorgen – LiftXpress
  • Thames Valley – Ethos Navigator

Lift Destination Control, Hall Call Allocation, Destination Selection Control (there are several names). Some companies offer these in addition to hybrid systems.

Hybrid Lift Destination Control, what is that?

Hybrid lift destination control is a mixture of pure conventional control and lift destination control. The lifts have both:

  • Destination floor designation terminals at each landing
  • A conventional car operating panel with designation floor buttons in the lift car

These lift group control systems can offer dramatic improvements but they have their limitations and they are less suitable to some types of buildings than others.

There are three peak traffic conditions in office building.

  • First, the morning rush hour peak with people arriving.
  • Secondly, the lunch time peak with people arriving and leaving.
  • Thirdly, the late afternoon, early evening peak with people leaving.

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