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We are an approachable company, and our clients tell us they enjoy working with us. Over 90% of our work is from existing clients.

Our Purpose

Our core purpose is to deliver vertical transportation consultancy solutions across the UK that are dependable and add outstanding value to your projects.

At The Lift Consultancy, we use our experience and knowledge combined with the latest technology to quickly solve your lift and escalator challenges and keep your equipment running reliably, compliant and safely.

Our Purpose at The Lift Consultancy

Our Mission

To work collaboratively and seamlessly with our clients to help deliver the best experience possible for the users of their vertical transportation.

Who we are - The Lift Consultancy

Our Vision

To be the UK’s leading independent provider of lift consultancy services. 

Our Vision at The Lift Consultancy

Our Values

Quality – Delivering Exceptional Solutions

Always strive to do the best you can, whatever you are doing. Be adaptable. Think about how things might be done differently. Look for improvement. Don’t hesitate to challenge the status quo. Exceptional means going that bit further than the crowd, pushing that little bit more, finding that different way of doing things better without compromising quality. It’s a mindset and an important one.

Trust – Being Personable and Approachable

Personal relationships with our clients are the core of our business. Our clients say they enjoy working with us, they stay with us, and they recommend us. Work together with clients and colleagues in an engaging, professional, constructive, and positive manner. Clients are part of our team.

Understanding – Communicating Clearly

Timely and clear communication is paramount in all areas of our business; we say what we do, and we do what we say. Always communicate well internally and externally, being open, genuine and straightforward.

Collaboration – Working Better Together

Working closely and collaboratively internally with our colleagues and externally with our clients is essential. The most productive and fulfilling working relationships are when we work together. It is encouraged and supported, always.

Responsibility – Taking care about what we do

Individually we take responsibility for everything we do, however large or small – we own it! 

As a company we deliver services but we don’t work in a vacuum. We live and work in many communities, small and large. We are committed to lead our field in environmental and social responsibility.

Our Values at The Lift Consultancy

Meet The Team

Antony Bathurst – Associate Director

Anthony began his career in 2000 and has been with The Lift Consultancy since 2016. He has a variety of experience across private residential lift refurbishments and the retail sector. Anthony’s three main responsibilities as a senior consultant are managing two of our largest client portfolios, delivering capital investment programmes for blue-chip clients and developing the 10-year investment plan. He likes to challenge himself to see things from a different perspective in order to resolve issues. 

Anthony likes the company’s ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality and open and honest approach. He also enjoys the team’s approachable, flexible, and dedicated work that creates great relationships with our customers. He wants to make sure that the company continues to be an industry leader by providing top-class training for the team and maintaining a dedicated culture.

Bethany Lawrence – Lead Team Administrator

Bethany joined the company as an office administrator, went on to become a project administrator, and now she leads the admin team. Her role is the beating heart of the business as she ensures the office activity runs smoothly at all times; running key accounts and delegating tasks to the right people for the job. But her dreams don’t stop here – she aspires to become a consultant in the future.

Bethany believes that taking care of the planet is one of the important things the company is doing. She makes sure to do her bit at home, so found it crucial to join a company that shares the same outlook. She’s a social person and believes if you are going to get into this industry you should be prepared to meet lots of new people. Bethany gets a buzz from going out on site and meeting clients from interesting companies. It’s one of her favourite things to do.

Dennis Major – Associate Director

Dennis began his career in lift engineering as an apprentice between 1979 and 1984. He gained an ONC and HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering during his time at a national lift company. Since then he’s enjoyed roles in field management across some of the country’s most reputable companies. In 2017, he started his own company, providing training and consultancy services, before joining The Lift Consultancy to support coverage across the North of the UK. Dennis spends his time developing client relationships and expanding portfolio customers. 

He thinks there is a big focus on providing a service that is flexible and value for money, without compromising on the quality of the services we provide. It is important for Dennis that the company is focussed on sustainability. He believes that The Lift Consultancy’s role is to support its clients in making sure they operate with conscience by recycling old parts and reducing potential waste. Dennis’ ambition is to continue expanding the consultancy while retaining the core values that have existed within the company from day one.

Ellie Leslie – Business Administrator

Ellie has a background in recruitment, but soon discovered that administration was more her cup of tea which led her to her role at The Lift Consultancy. Her days are varied, but some of Ellie’s key responsibilities include sending out detailed proposals and organising insurance documents. She’s also the business’ environmental admin lead which she takes a lot of pride in. In this part of her job, Ellie works alongside companies and charitable organisations to map out the company’s carbon footprint and reduce it as much as possible. 


She particularly likes the friendly environment and caring team that supports both her professional and personal goals. It’s a place where she feels empowered to speak up and where her opinion is heard. One of Ellie’s goals is to have more involvement in diversity and inclusion – and she would like to see more women in the field of engineering.

Gabriel Murray – Director

Gabriel founded The Lift Consultancy in 2010 following a successful career working in a range of engineering roles for private lift companies as well as spending 22 years in consultancy. He holds a HNC and a BEng (Hons) Degree in Mechanical Engineering. As a director of the business, he enjoys wearing many different hats. Gabriel works across all areas of the business on technical projects, client-facing work, and business admin. It is also vital that he provides the company with direction by maintaining our values and our positive, supportive and dynamic culture. 

His vision for The Lift Consultancy is to be a leader in the industry by adopting new ways of working and constantly delivering exceptional results. The company is always looking for ways to embrace new technology that will assist the team in doing their jobs even better. Challenging the existing status quo needs a strong focus on the prize, and that is The Lift Consultancy – where collaboration is key. Gabriel is always committed to working in the most sustainable ways possible, there is no doubt this is top of his agenda. He believes that the company has a responsibility to contribute to this universal goal and have set ambitious targets.

Kevin Larkman – Senior Field Consultant

Kevin has been in the industry since 1990, working for several big names in the engineering field. In 1993 he achieved fitter status and went on to gain his NVQ 4 in Testing and Commissioning in 2004. Kevin has experience in both technical and regional management which led him to his role as field consultant at The Lift Consultancy. He joined the company in early 2022 and his main duties include performing maintenance audits, producing surveys and reports and providing passenger release training.

His favourite part of his role is that he gets the chance to go out into the field and work with lots of different types of equipment. Kevin feels challenged in his role, particularly when out on site, determining which parts need to be replaced to avoid hazards. Kevin is very ambitious and wants to grow his skills so he can support the company as it continues to provide exceptional service.

Mark Bashford – Director

After a long career in the lift industry; installing lifts for major projects, sales engineering and lift consultancy, Mark wanted to bring his own touch to the world of consultants, and so co-founded The Lift Consultancy with Gabriel. He’s responsible for sales and new development projects. 

Bringing new staff on board and watching them grow into the role is the most rewarding part of the job to Mark. He is inspired to change the industry and has brought through enthusiastic people to take the industry forwards. He does this through living the company’s core values and is proud of the work he and the rest of the team delivers. 

Our approach of listening and understanding rather than dictating and ignoring, which unfortunately until our conception, was very much the way. This gives us more repeat business and more recommendations than we ever thought possible, this is something we are truly very proud of. As a director, he wants to step back and let others shine. By guiding people to be the best they can be, he helps the organic growth of the business.

Matthew Thompson- Consultant

Matt began his career in lift engineering, as an apprentice, between 1985 and 1990. He gained his B/Tec National & Higher National Certificate in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering during his time with the company, as well as progressing to Diploma level in Lift Engineering, completing various levels of NALM/LEIA B/Tec Distance Learning courses.

During Matt’s career, he has worked at senior level, with both Independent and Multi National Lift Installation & Maintenance companies as well as a leader of two large major lift component suppliers for various safety components, lift doors, controller and drive assembly solutions for the industry.

Matt has joined The Lift Consultancy to continue the companies expansion in coverage to North and adds to the vast experience and knowledge that exists within the company today with a passion for right solution and focus on sustainability, reducing waste with a flexible and approachable manner to benefit the clients reaching their goals.

Murray Cameron – Field Consultant

Murray’s career at the Lift Consultancy started in 2022, coming from a background in lift engineering, as well as operational sales. An average day for Murray involves managing client accounts, conducting condition surveys and writing specifications on lift maintenance. He enjoys keeping his work day varied and helping customers find solutions to their issues. For Murray, customer satisfaction is the main motivation behind working at the Lift Consultancy, and is what keeps him inspired everyday.

Murray is a keen football fan, and though his playing days are behind him, he still enjoys watching the odd match or two. As well as playing golf and listening to music in his spare time, Murray also keeps busy acting as a professional taxi driver to his two teenage daughters.

Nelson Silva – Field Consultant

Nelson has been in the lift industry for 26 years, and in 2021 he joined The Lift Consultancy as a field consultant. His favourite part of the job is getting the chance to work on a variety of tasks. His responsibilities include producing surveys and conducting audits and inspections. He enjoys working with a forward-thinking and supportive team. 

Nelson is always motivated to get his job done to a high standard. Working for The Lift Consultancy feels positive because its values match his own. He has his eyes on the big picture and would like to see the company become global one day. One of the biggest challenges Nelson faces within his role is figuring out how to make the industry carbon neutral and would like to make it a priority to use eco-friendly products wherever possible.

Paul Bartolo – Senior Field Consultant

Paul has achieved an NVQ level 4 qualification in lift testing and commissioning as well as over 30 years of experience in the field. He then moved client-side, managing lift contracts following his studies and eventually went on to join The Lift Consultancy in February 2019. He enjoys the endless site visits, managing lift contractors and is currently also developing the PRT side of the company and enjoys tapping into the wealth of knowledge and expertise across the business. He operates with clarity and integrity as does The Lift Consultancy. He is dedicated to the pursuit of industry knowledge and driving safety compliance standards forward and sees this as a differentiator that will see the company become the biggest consultancy in the country.

Robert Lovett – Field Consultant

Robert has a variety of qualifications in the sector, including an EMTA, LEIA, a degree and a postgraduate certificate in Advanced Environmental and Energy studies. He is also a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. Initially Robert came into the industry, working with a friend but through hard work he eventually got a technician role, carrying out tests and commissions of refurbished and new lift installations. He became a field-based engineering surveyor for The Lift Consultancy in 2017, and hasn’t looked back since. 

What Robert particularly enjoys about his role with the company is that it takes him to many different working environments. It’s also important to him that he is working with people who share the same values and goals that he has. Robert always provides honest, impartial advice and cost effective solutions. He is also always looking forward, improving and adapting his ways of working.

Shannon Biggs – Financial Controller / HR Controller

Shannon began her journey with the company back in 2014. She has worked her way from office administrator to a manager and is now the business’ financial controller. Shannon is one of our longest serving team members and has had a hand in the development and growth of the company. Aside from owning the finance side of things, she is also the HR contact. 

Shannon believes that The Lift Consultancy offers a personal touch with a professional outcome, offering a simple and effective solution for our clients. And she wants to be a part of the company’s ambitious growth plans. One of her favourite parts about working for the company is that everyone likes to have fun too – it’s like working with your friends every day.

Steve Smith – Consultant

A seasoned business development professional, Steve joins the Lift Consultancy with 37 years experience in his pocket. Working as a consultant, Steve focusses on business development and profile elevation, market analysis and strategic planning, alongside portfolio growth. For Steve, the ethos and values of the Lift Consultancy were a perfect match for his own, and he strives to provide exceptional service for his customers every time.

When he’s not at work, Steve keeps himself very busy by spending time with his daughter, playing golf, and chairing the Northgate ( Bridgnorth ) Swimming Club, where he attends regular swimming galas in support.

Stuart McGregor – Director

Stuart’s role is ensuring the ongoing success and profitability of The Lift Consultancy. The most important part of his job is to make sure it is a great place to work and that we maintain high standards throughout the business. Stuart’s career spans over 35 years in a mix of hand-on and managerial roles, while working in the retail, commercial and residential sectors of the lift industry. He began as an apprentice and went on to obtain an HNC and HND in Engineering. 

Stuart has great ambitions for The Lift Consultancy. He aspires to be the largest and most approachable specialist consultancy within the UK. To do this, Stuart wants to ensure that we are developing our technology, which we will use to leverage our knowledge. He is focused on making the team work seamlessly and collaboratively with our clients. Fully incorporating environmental and social governance is also high on his agenda.

When it comes to your vertical transportation, we believe you should have peace of mind.