Independent Lift Consultant operating throughout the UK and Western Europe


adjective: free from outside control; not subject to another’s authority.

What you get from The Lift Consultancy is a lift consultant that is absolutely independent and unbiased.

Above all, our technical personnel (Lift Consultants and Engineering Surveyors) have worked in the lift industry at some point in their career. They come from a variety of different companies and from different levels within those lift companies. This is the experience we bring to the table.

What experience does an independent lift consultant have?

Our independent lift consultants on average, have more than 25 years’ experience within the lift industry. Moreover, approximately half of that time is working as a lift consultant and the remainder working for lift companies.

The lift Consultancy work with many lift companies large and small, throughout the lift industry at many levels. We work with owners, directors, managers, project managers, sales people, supervisors, maintenance engineers etc… on a daily basis. Our contacts within these companies and our working knowledge of how they operate is something else we bring to the table.

For example, often a quick call to a lift company Director can get things moving. Especially, when the response has otherwise been tardy.

In particular, the knowledge of who to go to for what information means communication is quick and to the point – we don’t get passed around.

Who owns The Lift Consultancy?

Significantly, we are not owned by, nor do we have any links to lift companies, we are entirely independent. If fact the company is owned by several of it’s Directors.

We offer advice based on a rational assessment of your needs.

When offering advice on products and services of other companies we will strive always to provide you with sounds arguments. Along with all considerations and evaluations explaining, demonstrating and illustrating why we are making that particular recommendation.

Well, actually, come to think of it, we do have a bias and that is towards getting the best for you, our clients.

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