COVID-19 Services for Lifts & Escalators

Lift & Escalator COVID-19 Review


This is wide ranging review covering all aspect of how the operation the lifts and escalators in your building is affected by the corona virus pandemic.

This would benefit owners and operators of buildings considering the re-occupation of their buildings and answer some key questions such as:-

How will the vertical transportation capacity be affected by social distancing?

What workaround and mitigation measures they can put on place?

Contact-less Operated Lift


An obvious way to reduce virus transmission whilst using lifts would be to make them contact-less. There are various technologies available to adapt existing lifts to contact-less operation.

This service commences with a feasibility study of the existing equipment. A report follows that outlines, with budget costs and time scales, how contact less can be achieved with the lifts.

The service extends to tendering, overseeing installation, commissioning and training should the client wish to proceed with implementation on their equipment.

Full detail of these services is provided via the images at the bottom of the pages.

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Lift & Escalator COVID-19 Review

For owners and operators of lifts understanding the impact of COVID-19 as buildings become re-occupied is essential.

The Contact-less Operated lift

Going contactless with your lifts is an available option. Differing technologies are available to achieve this in a variety...

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