Lift Surveys, Lift Audits & Lift Inspections

Lift surveys

We offer a range of lift surveys, lift audits and lifts inspections that, above all should cover just about anything you need to know about your lifts (and escalators).

A lift survey can give you the complete picture or look at specific areas or both. There are specific reasons you may want a lift survey for instance:

• Asset Management – condition surveys. Knowing the condition of your lift(s) allows you to make correct decisions to ensure safe, reliable well performing lifts for the future.
• Pre-acquisition of a building or a vendor’s survey,
• Dilapidations (working for the tenant or landlord.

Lift Audits

These lift audits are a class of lift survey that can be used to check the level of maintenance being undertaken on a lift.

• Lift audits are otherwise known as maintenance audits

• Lift maintenance audits can be tailored to the maintenance contract.

• Maintence audits usually have a scoring system to assess the performance of the lift contractor.

Lift Inspections

Basically, we use the term lift inspections when there are problems with lift reliability or performance. This is a very focussed survey looking at precise causes that are giving rise to problems with the lift. The report will explain detail issues with necessary actions to put them right and get the lift functioning correctly.

The output/deliverable from a lift survey, audit or inspection is a report. Furthermore, the report is written in jargon free, uncomplicated language. Additonally, all points are illustrated by plenty of photos.

We don’t write reams and reams, we get to the point. With key information summarised up front and enough detail to explain and illustrate the lift issues identified.

We will provide budget costs and time scales for any work deemed necessary, for example on a condition survey of an old lift that needs upgrading or modernising.

There is an article in our topic sections that gives more information on what a Lift Condition Survey includes.

Further details on a range of more specific lift surveys is given below.

Lift Condition Survey

Lift Condition Survey A Lift Condition Survey will allow you to know the full condition of all aspects of...

Lift Survey – Reliability Survey Lifts

Reliability Lift Survey Are you experiencing unacceptably high levels of unreliability with lifts regularly out of service? Are you...

Lift Survey – Dilapidations Survey lifts

Lift Survey – Dilapidation’s Survey lifts Property Leases have clauses detailing the state the property should be left in when...

Lift Survey – Pre-acquisition Survey Lifts

  Pre-acquisition Survey & Report Lifts A survey to ascertain the state of the equipment in terms of age,...

Health & Safety Survey Lifts

Health and Safety Survey Lifts     Lift owners/operators have responsibilities under primary legislation (Health and Safety at Work...

Lift Modernisation or Refurbishment Survey

Lift Survey – Modernisation Refurbishment Survey Lifts Our lift consultants have a great deal of experience in all kinds...

Lift Survey – Lift Performance Survey

A lift performance survey will look in detail at key aspects of the lift, identifying problems and providing solutions...

Maintenance Survey Lifts

Lift Survey – Lift Maintenance Survey A Lift Maintenance Survey or Audit by our lift consultants gives you a...

Regulations Survey Lifts

Lift Survey – Lift Regulations Survey The service is very useful if you do not believe that the equipment...

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