Our Services

Whilst we have a range of typical consultancy services, we need to find what fits your requirements best, so the first thing we do is listen.

COVID-19 Services for Lifts & Escalators

We have a range of service to support building owners/operators with their lifts and escalators.

Lift Surveys, Lift Audits & Lift Inspections

We offer a range of lift surveys, lift audits and lifts inspections that should cover just about anything you need to know about your lifts (and escalators).

Lift Modernisation, Lift Refurbishment, Lift Replacement

Lifts, like cars get old and need replacing but with lifts, unlike most modern cars, rather than replacing the whole lift it is often more economical and appropriate to modernise the lift, replacing key lift components that may be worn and/or obsolete with news ones, whilst keeping man other components.

New Development Lift Consultancy

From single lifts in private residencies to multiple lifts, escalators, passenger conveyors, platform lifts in large developments, our lift consultancy services can support you and your development through each stage.

Lift Traffic Analysis

A service for those who need to know exactly how the lifts perform in terms of waiting times. Essential for validating and benchmarking lift performance in new or existing buildings.

Lift Passenger Release Training

For passengers trapped in a lift it can be a distressing experience. If their release takes too long and some passengers have particular conditions, what should be a straightforward and quick procedure could turn into a Health and Safety issue.

Maintenance Management

Reliable, well performing and safe lift and escalator equipment. Equipment that meets all statutory requirements. All achieved through well run maintenance at competitive costs. These are the prime objective of maintenance management.

Project Management

We recognise that in some instances, the additional Project Management resource input in addition to technical consultancy services can make the difference.