Hotel Eden Rome

Lift Condition Survey, Lift Maintenance and Lift Modernisation

Hotel Eden Rome, Lift Condition Survey, Maintenance Contract Writing and Lift Modernisation

This 5 star Hotel offers exceptional luxury and rooms with exclusive and spectacular views over Rome.

Following a spate of poor reliability of several lifts, The Lift Consultancy was instructed to undertake a Condition Survey and Report to identify the problems.

The report identified the levels of maintenance were indeed in need of improvement and there were also issues with some obsolete components.

The Lift Consultancy was then asked to write a new maintenance contract for all the lifts. A tailored contract was written that reflected the operational needs of the hotel, including reasonable penalties for poor performance and detailing specific key performance indicators. This was then tendered to market to find a suitable replacement maintenance contractor.

Two of the lifts were found to have obsolete components and a selective lift modernisation program was formulated and is underway.



"I have every confidence in the prompt, professional, work that the TLC have done for us and will continue to do for us, I hope in the future".
Property Director
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