We recently completed a full modernisation of a two-car group of scenic lifts at this popular shopping centre in Bromley, Kent, London. 

The Lift Consultancy supported the client extensively from concept design all the way through to Practical Completion. Our services included full technical lift consultancy, Project Management, Contract Administration and CDM advisor.

We began by completing a full technical survey and report which provided recommendations as to the extent of works required. A specification was subsequently drawn up and issued to tender. This included careful selection of robust lift equipment from independent lift companies to ensure maintainability, longevity and durability. A full tender analysis along with post tender interviews was conducted, which was finally followed by assisting the client in the appointment of the successful contractor.


Lift Consultant Duties

During the design stage and prior to the works commencing, a pre-construction information pack was produced to assist the contractor with the Construction Phase Plan as part of the CDM requirements. The construction phase plan was reviewed and commented on before final approval given.

Regular mid-term progress visits and meetings were completed throughout the project, along with reports advising the client of progress made against the agreed programme. The meetings also allowed for any technical and site issues to be discussed, reviewed and resolved in order to minimise potential delays.

Final Acceptance checks were completed at the end of the project, confirming works were installed to the specification and where any defects were highlighted, a defects list was produced. Practical Completion Certificates were issued and a final visit was also completed to sign-off the defects.

Throughout the project, payment applications were reviewed and payment certificates issued.



Within this very busy shopping centre, careful consideration was required of the risks posed by falling objects onto the general public either walking below the open portion of the lift shafts or seated within the open aired retail units within the vicinity of the lifts. In order to keep costs to a minimum and to avoid having to install full screening of the open portion of the lift shaft, the works and deliveries were all conducted at night.