Jubilee House London

This project consisted of one commercial property, containing a total of one passenger lift.

The property is located on Oxford Street, London.

Survey, Specification and Tender
The Lift Consultancy were appointed to manage the project from conception to completion. A full technical survey and report was originally completed which provided recommendations as to the extent of works required. Following meetings and discussions with the client, a specification was prepared and issued to tender. A full tender analysis along with post tender interviews were completed and we assisted the client in the appointment of the successful contractor.

Project and Contract Management
Following the appointment of the contractor, programmes were agreed and a pre-start meeting was held to discuss site specifics and logistics. We also assisted the client with interface trades, such as mains power and BT lines. A mid-term progress visit was completed. In addition, and due to the critical nature of delivering the project on time, weekly progress visits were also completed towards the end of the programme. Reports advising the client of progress made against the agreed programme were also complied and issued. A Final Acceptance check was completed at the end of the project, confirming works were installed to the specification and any defects highlighted. A final visit was completed to sign-off the defects. Throughout the project, we were also responsible for certifying payment applications.Programme management was key due to the location of the property and the importance of delivering the project to the agreed timescales.

Particular Challenges
Due to the property being located on Oxford Street and due to the lack of storage space on site, delivery and removal of equipment to and from the property was identified as a health and safety risk to the general public early in the design stage. We assisted in the correct decision-making process to ensure all deliveries and removals were to be conducted during early morning hours to reduce the risk of interfacing with the general public. We also reviewed and commented on the contractors Construction Phase Plan and RAMS to ensure this particular element had been addressed and that the correct number of banksman would be utilised to ensure safe movement of equipment.

"I have every confidence in the prompt, professional, work that the TLC have done for us and will continue to do for us, I hope in the future".
Property Director
International Hotel and Resort Property company

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