Lift Modernisation in Occupied Buildings – How many lifts should I modernised and will old and new lifts work together?

Our Lift Modernisation Consultants are often asked; –

Will the modernised and un-modernised lifts work together during the lift modernisation?

There are technology differences between old and new lift control systems.

These differences in most cases mean that the answer to the questions is unfortunately, no.

With the result of extreme inefficiencies with old lifts working separately to new lifts and not in the in same group.

However, there are ways around this.

Firstly, a lift ‘overlay’ can be installed.

  • This can be thought of as a magic box. A magic box takes all the car and landing calls from the old and new lifts. And then dispatches the lifts in an efficient manner to respond to these calls.
  • However, this is an added expense to the lift modernisation.
  • Furthermore, it is not always possible to build a lift overlay. Because it depends on several factors including the type and manufacture of the old and the new equipment.

Secondly, in the case when you have the same company modernising the lifts as manufactured and installed the original lifts.

  • Then that company may be able to integrate the technology of the old and new lift control systems.
  • Just for the duration of the lift modernisation.
  • Again, this depends on the old and new control technology and which lift company is concerned.

Another question our lift modernisation consultants are often asked is; –

How Many Lifts Should be Modernised Concurrently?

When modernising a group of lifts the least detrimental impact on lift service would be to modernise one lift at a time. The down side of this is a long programme duration.

Alternatively modernising more than one lift at a time will reduce the programme but with the consequence of a greater reduction in lift service.

It comes down to a balance between length of program and reduction in lift service and to make an informed decision lift traffic analysis should be utilised to estimate the lift service with all possible lift scenarios.

How can our Lift Modernisation Consultants help?

Our lift modernisation consultants have first-hand experience of specifying and project managing modernisation projects.

From single lifts to multiple groups of lifts, on many projects across all sectors.

With equipment from a variety of different contractors.

We bring that knowledge and experience to the table when we work for you, ensuring you get impartial advice based on a comprehensive knowledge of the market.

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