Lifts and escalators, can they be kept Covid19 free?

COVID-19 Lifts and Escalators. Easing of lockdown conditions will mean people working and visiting buildings more. Whether, commercial offices, retail or leisure facilities. Invariably this will mean lift and escalator use will increase.

The Coronavirus spreads mainly through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose or mouth when an infected person coughs or sneezes. It can also attach to surfaces, e.g. lift buttons and escalator handrails. If the person then touches there face it be transferred this way.

The answer to the question above?

Unless the equipment is pretty much continually cleaned which, is not practical or economic, then the answer is probably no.

A more applicable question is then.

How can the risk of transmission and reception of the Covid-19 virus whilst using lifts and escalators be reduced?

Conventionally controlled lifts are called from a landing push button. The passenger once inside the lift car presses a button corresponding to their destination floor. Both landing and car buttons may have been touched by a large number of people before you and likely many after you.

A simple solution would be to wear gloves and/or clean your hands immediately after using a lift or for escalators, after touching the handrail. Or have a hand sanitizer in or close to the lift or escalator equipment.

Future solutions

Lift manufacturers will be promoting more seamless solutions some of which such as contactless are available today.

Social distancing on Lifts

And of course, there is the necessity to observe social distancing in lifts and on escalators. Bearing in mind that many, many lifts are quite small this could inhibit their use severely to a very few, if not one or two people.

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Covid-19 Services for Lifts and Escalators

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