Lift Modernisation Consultant or Lift Refurbishment Consultant

Lift Refurbishment or Lift Modernisation Consultant

There are many lift companies in the market either global multi-nationals, large or medium sized nationals or small local companies.

The range of equipment they can offer is huge. From low cost/low quality to top-end high quality.

Getting the right equipment that is suitable for your building is not that straightforward.

This scale of work involves considerable capital expenditure and achieving value for money, usually through competitive tendering, is a must.

Will the work comply with all required codes and standards?

What about planning the work on site, how long is the lead-in time and site time?

What will be the impact in the building due to loss of lift service?

Lift Modernisation Consultant Stages

Survey and Report/Initial Planning

Firstly, we need to understand the present and future requirements for the lift services.

You may be may be considering

  • re-configuring the building and/or
  • increasing the population and/or
  • adding other facilities

All of which can impact the demand on the lift service.

Coupled with this understanding, we will carry out a detailed survey of the equipment.

Once we have gathered all the information about the equipment and its future expected use we will provide a report with the following elements

  • Equipment Condition
  • Modernisation Options
  • Budget forecasts
  • Outline programming

Specifications and Tendering

Once a decision has been made on the extent of the works we will write a detailed performance based specification.

This will cover all aspects of the equipment. It includes site work and programming. This also ensures you get the correct equipment that suits your needs, conforming to all necessary Standards.

We will then agree with you a list of appropriate companies to tender the work to.

Following this, we will administer the tender.

If you decide to move forward we will assist in final negotiations to award of contract.

This typically includes payment terms, final programme, cash flow forecast, penalties for delay to programme.

Construction Services

  • During the manufacturing period of the equipment we will review and approve all drawings and submissions necessary to ensure the manufacture of the equipment proceeds with the work Specification.
  • A few weeks prior to site start we will set-up chair and minute a pre-start meeting. This is a key meeting and involves the contractor and all other relevant personal that have input into the project on site.
  • The agenda will focus on all issues necessary for the project to run smoothly on site. For example, Inductions, access, storage of equipment, security, communications, escalation procedure etc.
  • During the on-site work we will complete periodic site reviews to monitor the progress of the works, quality of workmanship and adherence to specification. We will report following each review.

Witness Testing and Commissioning

  • It is the contractor’s responsibility to complete a thorough test on the equipment. 
  • This includes attending site to complete a final review of the contract work towards the end of the contractor’s test.
  • We will witness key parts of that test including typically, full load test, buffer test, safety gear and traction test.
  • The commissioning of the equipment includes reviewing all necessary documentation (O&M Manuals). As well as checking site performance (ride, floor-levelling, noise, vibration) and that the equipment operates correctly.
  • If there are snagging items we will issue a snag list. This distinguishes between items that need to be completed before the lift goes into service and those that can be completed subsequent to this.
  • Finally, we will issue a Practical Completion Certificate.

What are the costs?

For a lift modernisation consultant on your project, as a guide the fixed fee for this service can be anywhere between 5% and 12% of the contract sum.

However, the actual fee is not determined as a percentage of the contract sum but by the work content, which can vary according to project and client needs.

For a relatively small percentage of the contract sum, you can be assured.

Firstly, that the correct equipment that suits your needs and budget is being competitively tendered and will be selected.

Secondly, that the site program will be overseen to ensure everything runs smoothly and that on completion, the testing and commissioning is thorough, with all snags completed.

If you would like to discuss your requirements further either on the telephone or at a meeting please get in touch.

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