Lift Maintenance Contract Review

lift maintenance contract

Lift Maintenance Contract Review

Lift Maintenance Contracts

From our experience most of the contracts we have seen are not performance based i.e. they do not reflect the performance required of the equipment to meet the service levels in the building.

A well written contract should equally protect both parties whilst ensuring the appropriate level of lift service is provided.

Defining the levels of performance, reliability and in-service time that the customer needs are at the heart of it, but these need to be realistic, take into account the condition of the equipment and be clearly defined as do incentives and penalties for hitting or missing them.

A Maintenance Contract Review

There are two elements to a maintenance contract review; firstly, a review of the contract itself and secondly, gaining an understanding of the levels of service that is required of the lift service to operate a building correctly.

We will then write a report detailing relevant key aspects of the contract, highlighting any shortfalls and recommending improvements. As part of the review we need an idea of the age, type and condition of the equipment and this can be taken from an asset register or better still, a site visit. Then we can suggest, if they are not already included, achievable performance levels that can be expected and key performance indicators necessary to measure them.

You simply need to send us a copy of your maintenance contract with any operating conditions that you are aware of in the building (or we can discuss this and ask a few questions to determine these) and that is sufficient for us to complete review. We can usually undertake this level of review in a matter of days.

If you want to go further we can attend site to determine key asset information and understand the equipment condition and factor this into the report.

For a full picture on the levels of maintenance being carried out we can complete a Maintenance Audit, then you can understand if the maintenance being undertaken meets the requirements of the contract. Useful if you are negotiating with your provider to improve their performance.

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