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Lift Survey – Lift Regulations Survey

The service is very useful if you do not believe that the equipment has been installed or modernised to meet the full Lift Regulations but you do not have the necessary expertise to be sure of this.

Most often associated with recently installed or modernised equipment, this service is a due-diligence check that the equipment and associated documentation complies with all the necessary Codes and Standards. If there is one, the equipment can be checked against a Specification, Brief or any similar document detailing requirements of the equipment and forming part of the Contract.

Modernised or Refurbished Lifts

For practically all projects there should be no problems and there is no need to have a double check but occasionally a need arises particularly with modernisations where the exact extent of the modernisation can vary. There are specific Standards, both British (BS) and European (EN) covering modernisations that detail quite specifically what work needs to be done and for whatever reason, occasionally, these are not always strictly followed.

New Lifts

There are a raft of standards applicable to New Lifts, the basic ones BS EN81 and Parts1 and 2 but also many more that cover specific areas of the lifts whether it be remote alarms, fire fighting, accessibility, vandalism etc…

Compliance Review

The extent of the review can be a straightforward checking of documentation and a site survey to a more detailed analysis of the design calculations governing the operation of the equipment or a more specific checking against particular standards e.g. Disabled Access Standards, Fire Fighting Lifts, Evacuation Lifts etc…

If you have any doubts that the equipment fully complies with all the requirements it should then a Lift Regulations Survey ensures a thorough independent check.

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