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Lift owners/operators have responsibilities under primary legislation (Health and Safety at Work Act/LOLER/PUWER) to ensure lifts are safe for passengers and for engineers.

A Health and Safety Lift Survey will identify exactly where your equipment stands; to what extents does it comply with safety standards and, if any, what work needs to done, how much will it cost and what are the priorities for doing it.

Our Health and Safety Lift Survey is based upon BS-EN 81 Part 80; 2003; Rules for the improvement of safety of existing passenger and goods passenger lifts. This standard identifies 74 areas for upgrading of safety of existing lifts. Most usefully this Standard gives clear priorities for these items as indicated in the table below:


Priority Action
E Extreme Risk Immediate, lift has to be stopped.
H High Risk Short term
M Medium Risk Medium term or together with a major modernisation
L Low Risk Long term or together with a modernisation of the related component.



But is it a legal requirement?

In the UK, strict compliance with this standard is not compulsory however, under the Health and Safety at Work Act there is an obligation to ensure a safe environment is provided for users of lifts, and engineers working on lifts, and it could be argued that following this standard now would meet these obligations.

Other European Countries have taken a more pro-active approach and have put this standard into in Law, usually with a phased time frame over several years ensuring there is a plan on the statute to upgrade the safety of the stock of lifts in that country.

As the priorities indicate, it is reasonably to wait for medium and low risk items until an upcoming modernisation. However, we have come across several recently modernised lifts that do have not implemented this standard fully.

This is a straightforward lift survey of your equipment that depending on the size and number of floors can be completed in a few hours. The results of the survey are almost instantly available and are incorporated into a report detailing the position and identifying the priorities and budget costs for any works required.

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