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Lift Modernisation Survey

Lift Survey – Modernisation Refurbishment Survey Lifts

Our lift consultants have a great deal of experience in all kinds of lift equipment and can undertake a detailed modernisation refurbishment lift survey of your equipment. We look at the complete lift as well as all the detailed components, assessing each for wear, age, obsolescence and availability of modern equivalents.

In many cases much of the old lift can be retained, certainly often heavy mechanical items such as guide rails, car sling and car frame can usually be kept with no compromise on the service the newly modernised or refurbished lift will give.

Our lift consultants will take the time to understand the existing and future use of the lift as this has direct bearing on which components are recommended for the lift modernisation or refurbishment.

Having undertaken a detailed lift survey we will provide a clear no jargon report identifying exactly what needs to be modernised or replaced. There are often options; maybe a partial lift modernisation of key components or just the components necessary to for example to allow your lift to comply with accessibility and current Health and Safety requirements. If these options are available, we will explain them to you giving you the pros and cons of each as applicable.

We are independent lift consultants so we can use our experience to recommend the most appropriate lift equipment that suits your circumstances.

A quick summary of some of the reasons/benefits that can be achieved from a lift modernisation or refurbishment survey are outlined below.


Lift Regulations

Compliance with all lift regulations for example the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), the Health and Safety at Work Act, PUWER and LOLER.

Lift Standards, Codes and Guidelines

There are many European (EN) and British Standards (BS) covering lifts as well as a variety of Codes and Guidelines. A lift modernisation refurbishment survey and report will outline which ones apply.

Improved Reliability

Old components wear with time and identifying the correct ones to replace ensures vastly improved reliability. Obsolescence is also quite often an issue.

Improved Performance

With a modernised or refurbished lift you can be assured that it will perform to the highest standards. You may be considering increasing the traffic handling capacity of the lifts and with modern lift control systems this can be improved especially if you consider Lift Destination Control as part of the lift modernisation.

Lift Safety

The highest priority is lift safety and our lift survey and report will let you know exactly what is necessary to meet current lift safety standards.

Improved Accessibility

This is covered by Building Regulations, the DDA and BS EN 81 Part 70 Accessibility to lifts for persons including persons with disability and includes installing equipment that makes the lift accessible for people with a whole range of disabilities not only wheelchair users.


Including the necessary lift upgrades that improve the aesthetics of the lift in line with the building and user requirements is an important part of lift modernisation or refurbishment.

Lift Energy Savings

Modern lift drives have vastly superior energy utilisation capabilities than older drives and energy savings on the running of your lifts of 30% and greater are very often the case.

There is a lot to consider with a lift modernisation or refurbishment and usually at considerable expense. A detailed lift survey by our experienced independent lift consultants will give you the exact picture, including any options and of course providing accurate budget prices and time scales for the work.

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