Escalator Consultancy

When do you need an Escalator Consultant?

You might need an escalator consultant if you are planning a new development with new escalators or travolators?

Maybe you have existing escalators that need work done to them, or need replacing?

Our escalator consultancy services can assist you to make the right choices.

New or Existing Escalators

With new developments, understanding the volume and type of passengers is key to correct selection.

Existing, often occupied buildings can be far more challenging. Escalators are large and heavy and straightforward replacement can be logistically difficult, if not impossible. The work is almost invariably very disruptive and certainly needs to be planned meticulously. 

Minimising customer dusruption is absolutely necessary especially, in the retail environments where keeping sales floors open is essential.

A new escalator can be delivered in two if not three parts. Getting the old one out is not so easy, usually requiring dismantling and cutting on site.

Modernisation, Refurbishment or Replacement

There are several options as with lifts, depending on the circumstance.

Full in truss replacement or partial or extensive modernisation are alternatives to complete replacement.

However, full escalator modernisations and in-truss replacements take much more time to complete. By comparison they can take many weeks as opposed to a few days for replacement.

This is time when the escalator service is not available. And not all companies offer in-truss full replacement, so a competitive tender may not be assured.

Safety is always a prime consideration and there is a Standard covering the upgrading of safety on escalators.

Escalator Consultant

As your escalator consultant we will first understand your requirements.

From our knowledge and experience we can then put forward and talk through solutions available in the market.

Solution that that fit your particular needs is what our escalator consultants do.

From initial advice to working alongside you to support the project along the way.

Our escalator consultancy services will ensure peace of mind throughout.



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