The Contact-less Operated lift


This is a service that gives advice on the types of contactless car and landing call systems available to the building owners to assist with limiting the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses / bacteria around their building. The review then extends to procuring the work and liaison with the lift contractor to coordinate the installation and commissioning of the most suitable system.

Who is this service suitable for?

Organisations wanting to limit the amount of virus / bacterial spread for the immediate and distant future by upgrading the car and landing push buttons to contact free stations and smart phone or tablet Apps.  

What information is need to undertake the review?

  • The Lift consultancy will undertake a comprehensive survey of the existing lift equipment to check the suitability of the control panel and electrical system for the new landing and car call system

What are the deliverables?

Feasibility Survey and Report

  • Once information has been gathered a report will be issued to advise on the landing and car call systems that are compatible for use with the existing lift equipment. The report will detail how contact-less can be achieved. Budget costs and time scales for implementation will also be provided.

Competitive Tender

  • Liaison/tender with contractor(s) to gather quotations for the replacement of the landing and car signalisation. Analyse the quotations to ensure all costs have been captured to provide a turn-key solution.

Oversee Installation and Commission

  • Co-ordinate the installation works on behalf of the client to ensure smooth running of the project. In association with the lift contractor we will fully test the controls to ensure the system is working correctly before going live.

Training and Operating Procedures

  • Assist with training personnel with the use of the new equipment and setting up any phone / tablet apps for the building users. Ensure a training manual is issued so it can be distributed to the building users by the local Facilities Manager / Caretaker
  • Collate documentation including Risk Assessments and Method Statements [RAMS] and Standard Operating Procedures [SOP] with marked up drawings to support implementation where necessary.

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