Our lift consultants have a great deal of experience working on lift projects, be it modernisation of lifts in existing office buildings or designing lift services for new buildings as well as other types of work including surveying, investigations, reliability reviews and various maintenance related services.

Project sizes range from single lifts to multiple groups of lifts.

New buildings represent particular challenges such as ensuring the brief is understood by all and working with a multi-disciplinary design teams and construction companies.

Lift modernisation in existing, most often occupied offices, has the added complication that the work inevitably involves loss of lift service and understanding the impact of that and working with the building operators to mitigate the impact of the lift modernisation is essential to ensuring the project runs smoothly.

We have included below a short selection of projects highlighting the experience our lift consultants have with lift modernisation’s in existing offices and new lifts for new offices.

– Working for one of the world’s largest Merchant Banks on their European headquarters building in central London, this project involved modernising a total of seventeen lifts in this very busy building. The lifts were all extensively modernised and included an eight-car group, a three-car group, two hydraulic lifts and three fire-fighting lifts.

The brief from the start included completing lift traffic analysis on different configurations of modernised lifts and comparing the results of the analysis to both the performance of the existing lift service but also demonstrating what would be the degradation in service during the modernisation. The building already had several floors with higher density occupation (Dealer and IT floors) and it was planned by the client to increase the population of the building by around 15%. The appropriate solution to deal with this heavy demand was found to be a Destination Control or Hall Call Allocation system.

A pre-vetting process was undertaken prior to the tender, evaluating the experience, company size and technology of several lift companies. The tender was based on a detailed lift performance specification working in conjunction with the Project Manager, specialist law firms and a leading Quantity Surveyor. Full lift consultancy services were employed throughout the project which took a duration of almost two years to complete.

Finally, data logging was completed on the modernised lift groups to understand how they were performing against the anticipated performance. They were found to exceed the predicted figures.

– Working in a multi-tenanted building in the City of London, occupied by various companies within the group of a top four high street bank, this project involved modernising a total of nine lifts, including three fire-fighting lifts, one passenger/goods lifts and a five-car group of passenger lifts.

The initial investigations and surveys on the lift service identified that the building was severely under-lifted and at busy morning peak times people were literally queuing out the door whilst waiting for lift service. The client was also planning to increase the population of the building.

At the beginning of the project a full lift traffic analysis was completed to understand the impact of the loss of lift service and to identify the most appropriate modern lift system. A destination control selection or hall call allocation lift system was found to to be the best system suited to the demand. Full consultancy services were employed from start to finish of the project, including intensive overseeing of the lift contractor on site.

– Working with a Services Consultant on this out of town business park, this project included a four-car group of scenic lifts and a passenger/goods lifts. The scenic lift design involved working closely with the architect throughout the project to ensure his design vision for the lifts was realised.

This is just a short selection of the office building projects our lifts consultants have been involved in. If would like to discuss more about our lift consultants experience on these or other projects or think you may like some input into your particular project, our lift consultants would be more than pleased to give you our thoughts and outline how our services could be of benefit. All calls from the telephone number on this website are routed directly through to a lift consultant.

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